Continue to create our instruments: DRUMS!

Today Luca and Ava created their drum set. They both said that they wanted to be part of the drum section of our band. We asked them how we should go about creating a drum. The children turned the recycled materials upside down and placed objects side to side in order to create their instrument. We noticed that they set up their drums to make loud, booming noises, as well as, different tonalities. 

Science and sensory: water table and bubbles!

Today our friends enjoyed playing in the water table with lots of bubbles! They became fascinated with squeezing the sponges and making the bubbles oozing out. This inspired many children to take on the parental role and wash the dishes and experiment with water weight distribution. This is also a great sensory experiences for the children and allows them to discover this substance through experimenting with it. 

Finishing up March self portraits

Self portraits allow young children to identify their physical features, discover their own self identity and discover what makes them truly unique. As the children wrap up their monthly self portraits, we notice them increase with detail, while gaining control of a writing implement. 

Gym time!

New classroom routines and jobs

If you come into the classroom you may notice a white line near the sink. This white line helps our friends stand patiently in line while we wash hands for snack/ lunch. This also allows them to have a heightened sense of self awareness  (i.e. when the person in front of them moves up in the line, they follow behind them). After gym our friends are very thirsty, so every day a new friend will help the teachers pass out water bottles to all of our friends. Giving the children this new responsibility gives them a sense of confidence, focus and the ability to follow directions. We look forward to developing new ways to give them special jobs throughout the rest of the school year. 

Bravo, classroom 2B!

Wednesday, March 8th