French with Miss Florence

Miss Florence has returned to BMS after her vacation in France. The children really did miss her! They announced her presence when she entered the room with "BONJOUR!" Today Miss Florence brought out a favorite puppet friend called Nanu. Nanu told the children that he had fleas and needs help itching! Through this story of Nanu having fleas, the children reviewed and learned on the body parts in the French language. 

March self portraits


Classroom 2B began their March self portraits. We have noticed the children's increased eye for detail, especially with facial identification. For example- Camille drew the her eye balls inside the eye sockets.  Many of our friends are drawing the length and texture of their own hair, as well as, a body to attach to the face. 

Gym time!


Science and Sensory: Sand box

The sand box is a classroom favorite! The big sandbox in our classroom allows the children to explore the sand through their senses, while experimenting with weight distribution and creativity. 

Morning meeting: Can you show me

how you are feeling right now?


We continued talking about our emotions with our emotion chart. We played our emotion guessing game as well. Each child takes a turn embodying an emotion with their face. The rest of the group guesses what their emotion is.