Music with Miss Isabella

Today Miss Isabella introduced the Pentatonic scale to our friends. The Pentatonic scale are 5 notes per octave. The children practiced singing their name in tune, as they strike two keys. Then we split into to two groups and the children attempted to match each other's pitches and rhythms. 

Science/ Sensory and math: Clay and shapes.

Our friends dove right into manipulating clay this morning. They exercised their fine motor skills by pressing, pinching, poking and cutting the clay. We added wooden shapes to this activity as well. The children took the shapes and immediately named them one by one. Many of them created faces with the shapes by pressing them into the clay. Also- many of the children reassessed their own experiences while manipulating the clay and shapes:

"I'm making pizza."- Graydon

" I'm making a snow man."- Hamish


ART: Painting to classical music

Today our friends painted on paper with colorful paints. As they painted we turned on music by Mozart and Vivaldi. As you can see from the videos below, they were very focused and painted with such detail. 


Our friends continue to love gym time!  During this time frame, they enjoy coming together as a classroom community and  using their imagination to tell stories!