Reflecting on yesterday's walk around the neighborhood

During morning meeting we reflected on our walk around the neighborhood as a class. Pictures were printed out from their walk and were passed around to each child. Many of the children began reflecting on their own experiences...

"I have a round and round door in my building!"- Vivienne

"This building looks like my apartment building."- Ava

"This tower has a pointy thing at the top."- Graydon

**Since there was such interest in their own buildings, we would love to have the children bring in pictures of the outside of their own apartment buildings. It would be great if we could get a picture of your child in front of their own building. We will share them on Tuesday, April 4th. **

"My building has doors like this!"- Sven

"My building has doors like this!"- Sven

Integrating our observations with block building and our own neighborhood

When the children arrived this morning, we posted the pictures from yesterdays walk around the block area. Many of the children walked up to the pictures and recalled a memory from the day.

"Look it's.. it's the freedom tower."- Luke

We also pre- set up lamenated dry erase tape on the ground to represent that streets. We set up simple towers around the streets to represent more of a city. Immediately the children drove cars on the streets and were inspired to collaborate together to build more towers. Many of the towers were turned into tunnels. 

Shared snack

Elle's family brought in rice crispy treats for shared snack! Thank you so much! Since we were on such a roll with block building, we thought it was only appropriate to turn these rice crispy treats into rice crispy towers! :-) Each child received their own floor of the tower. 

Color sorting and counting

Some of our friends gravitated toward our teddy bears. They organically began to color sort and line the bears up by color and size. They eventually counted each bear that they had in front of them. 

Dramatic play and literacy

Many of our friends are so engrossed in the new books in the classroom. Thank you again to all who donated. It has now become very popular for the kids to embody the teacher figure in the classroom and read to others out loud. :-)

"Sit down, Miss Lindsie. I'm going to read this book to you.......are ya ready?... good job "

- Elizabeth