Learning new songs from Miss Josie


Miss Josie is one of Buckle My Shoe's 3's teachers. She is also trained in teaching "Tumble Tots." With this training comes with a vast repertoire of children's music. Today she came into classroom 2B to teach us new interactive songs. There are video clips below so you can try to sing with your child at home. 


Which tower is your favorite?

Today we pushed forward with our architecture study. This interest derived from the children collaborating to create detailed towers together. We have pictures of towers and buildings from all around the world posted in the room. During morning meeting the children stated their favorite tower.... The Freedom Tower in NYC was their favorite!

"I like this tower, because you can go up."- Camille

"I like this tower, because you can go up."- Camille

What buildings do you see?

While we engross ourselves in this study we ask ourselves:

" What do the children notice and like about towers?" 

" By studying buildings will it allow them to become more familiar with their own neighborhood?" 

Today classroom 2B went on a walk around the neighborhood and the children were asked to call out buildings they see and things they may notice about it. I think the high light was when we got a great view of the actual Freedom Tower! The children were so excited! Also- we walked inside Arcade Bakery, to give them an experience inside an  actual building that they may not be as familiar with. We wonder with this new insight of buildings in our neighborhood, will it enhance the way they build in the block section of the classroom? We are looking forward to seeing where this will take us. 

Super Soccer Stars!


Coach Carolina got our friends on their feet by challenging their gross motor skills! Our friends exercised their balance, lower body and agility by walking over cones.