Architecture study

Our love of building and collaborating has taken off! Everyday pictures of different towers and buildings will be visible for the children. Different block building stations will be available to them. Today the children collaborated to create towers with rooms, different heights and shapes. We hope to go on a walk throughout our neighborhood this week to look at the buildings. We would love to hear their observations and how they can apply their observations in the play. We will be learning how we can collaborate and build together throughout the rest of the school year.

Science and sensory: Model Magic

Model magic allows our friends to exercise their fine motor skills, while giving them the freedom to use their imagination! Many of our friends simply wanted to discover this material. They created imprints with the letters, created letters and shapes with the wooden sticks and stretched the material as far as it can go.

French class with Miss Florence

Miss Florence read a book that allows our friends to review animals and animal noises in the French language. The class also practiced counting as well.



Because there is such an interest with building in our classroom, we try to find different ways we can incorporate this interest in other subject areas. Our friends are building one dimensional towers with colorful paper squares and glue stick. This project allows them to exercise one step directions and eye- hand coordination. We also added a new layer to an old art project. We feel that it is important for children to see that their art work is an on- going process and never ending.