Mystery Reader today is....

Luca's daddy- Ian!


 Thank you so much for coming in! The children loved the book!

Thank you to all who donated books to our classroom!

Block building and collaborating together


This semester we have noticed the children collaborating together to build towers. This informs us that not only are they interested in architecture, but connecting with each other.  During morning meeting we showed the children pictures of big towers, castles and buildings with unique architecture. We asked them " What is a building?"

" Houses."- Ava

"Like Rapunzel's castle."- Camille

"Magnatile towers."- Hamish

" I live in a tower." - Valdi

The children began to make connections in their own lives and applied it to answering the question. Living in NYC buildings are all around us. This is the environment they are in everyday. Right after this conversation the children were inspired to build a tower together! We noticed how tall their tower was and that they created little rooms inside it. Building towers is a way for the children to connect with one another. We will continue to work on this as a classroom project.


Music with Mr. Evan

The children love music with Mr. Evan! Today he showed the children a special drum. The pitches of the drum change when the sides of the drum are squeezed.  As you can see from the pictures below, they enjoyed themselves! :-)