The Mystery readers today were:

Luke's Grandma, Deanna


Luca's Mommy, Tina

We enjoyed listening to "The Gruffalo" and "Oi a Frog!"

Deanna and Tina- Thank you so much for coming in and reading to our class!

Science and sensory: SAND!

Today the children gravitated towards the sand box. Young children utilize sand in many ways. Weight distribution, object permanence, dramatic play and induces creativity. 

Play date with 13th street Buckle My Shoe!

During our morning meeting we had friends from  our 13th street location come visit us. These children are apart of the 2's classroom in Miss Rachel's class at 13th street. They participated with us during our morning meeting and engaged with during center time. We hope to take a field trip to their school soon!

Super Soccer Stars

Coach Carolina had our friends on their feet today! The children enjoyed practicing dribbling the ball with just their feet (no hands).  Each child received a chance to practice kicking the soccer ball into the goal. They were very proud of themselves.