Today Elle's mommy, daddy and Nana came into classroom 2B to celebrate Elle's birthday! They brought a yummy muffin treat for everyone to eat, while we they read books to us.

Thank you so much for celebrating with us!

Creating musical instruments

Today we continued creating our musical instruments. The children manipulated recycled  objects to create their favorite instrument. Today we worked on the trumpet section of our band! The children displayed great knowledge of the trumpet, by the way the created the shape of their instrument. 

Gym time!

Play dough and natural materials

Today we decided to continue to experiment with a natural material such as pine cones. The children rolled the pine cones into the play dough, creating beautiful imprints. 

Magna-tiles and collaborating in groups

Magna-tiles are a great hit in classroom 2B. Not only do these building blocks enhance creativity,  math and science skills, but it encourages the children to play in cooperative play. Instead of playing by themselves to create a tower, they will sit in a group together and take turns creating it. Magna-tiles have been a great resource in our classroom to create community, focus, science and math skills.