Welcome back, Sven!


Our friend Sven came back from his family vacation in Iceland! We missed you! Welcome back!

Music with Miss Isabella


The children were very excited for music with Miss Isabella. Today they used their imagination to get on a choo choo train to Italy! When they arrived to their destination they discovered the "Tarantella." The tarantella is a piece of music danced in the southern part of Italy. We used musical instruments and danced around the room. 

And the water bottle helper today is......


We are learning responsibility and kindness by taking turns being the water bottle helper after gym time. 

Painting with dot paints

The children utilized dot paints with vibrant colors. There were a couple of observations that I made during this activity. Each child, naturally, engaged their creativity to create purposeful drawings.  Many of the children gravitated towards mixing the different colors together or laying the colors on top of each other. 


Music research:

Band Rehearsal

Now that most of the instruments are made, it is time to start working together as a band. Again this idea came from the children. As a class we are working together to make this idea a reality. As you can see from the mini clip below, we are working on musical concepts that we have worked on in the past: forte, piano, beat and rhythm. The children were very engaged in their own instrument and completely willing to collaborate on this project. We will continue band rehearsal next week!

We are very proud of our classroom 2B.