Happy Birthday Kian and Elizabeth!

Today we celebrated Kian and Elizabeth's 3rd birthday! They brought in a yummy brownie treat for the class and their mommy read us a book called "The Gruffalo."

Fun with Magnets!

As a class we were experimenting with magnets and the children were very curious as to what makes the objects stick together. 

"It's sticky!"- Elizabeth

Through manipulating the objects we learned that there are magnets inside the objects that allow them to stick to tin. They became fascinated with what they could stick the magnets to. 

Manipulating a block of clay

Today we added a new challenge with the clay. Their goal was to take pieces from the big block of clay from themselves to play with. It was interesting to see each child's tactic and fine motor skills at work. Then once they were able to get a piece for themselves they wanted to do more with the block of clay. Many wanted to build on top of the big block.

Morning meeting: Emotion Chart

Today we continued with our emotion chart. Every time a friend places their name under a specific emotion, we ask them why they feel that way. As a class we help each other determine our emotions in the moment to place it on the correct spot on the chart. 

We also discussed things that can happen that makes us feel a specific emotion. 

"I was surprised when I got a prize

from the birthday box."- Elizabeth.

We have noticed the children gradually making connections with their own emotions, as well as, their classmates. 

Gym Time!

Dramatic play

I think it is clear from the captions below, how well our friends play together and  imitate life around them. :-)