In the morning our friends seemed very intrigued by painting with household sponges. With an open mind, my goal was to see how they would create imprints with the sponges. However most of the children utilized the sponge to smear the paint across the paper. It created a beautiful effect and was a great way for the children to visualize how colors mix together.

Later in the day, we continued painting on our self portraits. This project continues to allow the children to have self control while they paint and have an increased eye for detail.

Shape recognition activity


This particular shape recognition activity continues to be a favorite in our classroom. Each child has a box that is a certain shape. They must look for specific cards that have the shape of their box. As a teacher, I enjoy this game for young children, because the cards with the shapes on it,  are shapes from everyday life ( i.e. a square button, a triangle party hat, an oval watermelon, rectangle door). These are shapes they could identify in their own environment, by walking down the street.

Dramatic Play

As always, the children's imagination soars in the classroom. They recreate their past and present experience and apply it during the play. They can also be recreating observations from adults in their life.

Gym time!

Morning meeting: Emotion guessing game


After dancing to our morning meeting song, classroom 2B continued to distinguish how they feel. We utilized our emotion chart, as each child took a turn to identify their picture/ name and place it under a specific emotion.

We discovered today that the children were being very honest about how they felt.  Some children expressed that they feel sad, because their mommy and daddy went to work. We then discussed how that it's okay to be sad that mommy/ daddy is at work now, but tonight they will be happy when they seem them. By expressing their feelings we help each other to rationalize our thoughts and they are able to visualize how feelings can change throughout the day (i.e. I am sad right now when Mommy goes to work, but I will be happy when I see her tonight).

Afterwards we played an emotions guessing game. Each friend stood in front of the class and created a specific emotion with their face and the rest of the class guessed what the emotion was.