Musical instrument guessing game

Today our friends dove back into our music research as a class. Miss Debbie brought out her speaker during morning meeting. Images of musical instruments were set out for the children to look at. After visually identifying the instruments, the speaker was turned on. The children guessed the instrument solely based on sound. At the end we asked the children what their favorite instrument was....

"Guitar!"- Kian


"Trumpet!"- Elizabeth


"Drums!"- Ava




Today the children continued painting on their self portraits. Each child draws their self portrait on a piece of white canvas. Afterwards the utilized a paint brush and liquid water color to color in the negative space of their portrait. This engages the child's focus, eye for detail and control of the paint brush. 

The children also enjoyed utilizing droppers and liquid water color on coffee filters. It creates a beautiful and colorful effect.

Gym time!

Science and sensory:


Today the children dove right back into the water table. We noticed how much they enjoyed putting their hands in the water and experimenting with it. For example: experimenting with weight distribution and how it visually looks when water pours out of cup. The children were also offering up their observations:

" The ice is getting smaller, smaller and smaller."- Elizabeth

"Fish like the water."- Hamish

*When the children verbally tell us their observations it allows us to know what their prior experiences have been and what we can discover next with each other.