Painting on our self portraits

Today our friends began our self portrait paintings. Our friends drew their faces on a piece of canvas. Then with the guidance of their teacher, the children utilized paint (mixed with corn syrup) to color in the negative space. This encouraged the children to have self control, focus and to have an increased eye for detail.  Prior to starting this project with the children, we mixed specific water colors together, so the children could pick their hair color, lip color (pink or red), skin color, etc. This also further encourages their self identification. We will continue to this project for the rest of the week.

Ice in the water table


When the children arrived to school they discovered polar bears in our water table! When each child approached the table, they also noticed two huge blocks of ice in it. Droppers and plastic hammers were placed in there for children to enhance fine and gross motors skills while they played. The children wanted to break the ice! They decided to take the hammers and until the ice cracked into tiny pieces. They utilized the droppers to squeeze water into it while it is submerged under water, then they squeezed water out when it is above water.

Our friends made wonderful observations. These observations were about the natural material they were exploring and the environment that polar bears live in....

"This is cold and slippery!"- Valdi


"Oooooof! Too heavy."- Elle (after attempting to pick it up)


"Bears like it in the cold... they are to hot!"- Vivienne


By volunteering these observations, we are able to understand connections that the children have already made and what they would like to discover next.

Gym time!


Our friends are discovering new, imaginative games to play in the gym.

One of them is "Help, save me!" This is where a friend says "Help, save me!" and another friend rushes to their rescue. Another imaginative game is  "Everybody sleep!"- while making snoring noises. :0)

Morning meeting: How are you feeling today?


Our emotion chart has become apart of our morning meeting routine. Before deciding the specific emotion that they are feeling today, we discussed what makes us feel a specific emotion.

"My daddy makes me happy."- Valdi


"I'm angry when my towers gets knocked down."- Luca


"I'm surprised, because it's almost my birthday!"- Elle