Our emotion chart

Inspired by our exploration of emotions, we made an emotion chart for classroom 2B to utilize during morning meeting. At the top of the chart we have children making specific emotions with their faces (happy, sad, mad, etc). At the bottom of the chart is a picture of each child with their name underneath it in bold letters (It is our hopes that this chart will also allow them to become familiar with identifying their own name). We are going to make this part of our morning meeting routine as well. 

When their name is called the child picks out their name and places it under the emotion that they are feeling that day. We also discussed what makes us angry, happy and sad as well. This way they are able to reason why they are feeling a certain way (and with others too). 

"I'm mad when my friend knocks down my tower. "- Ava

"Harlow is sad when I take toys away from her."- Elle

"I'm happy when my mom makes lunch for me." - Camille

"Lets build a tower in the nyc!"- Luca

Today our friends were inspired by the blue lights that were being reflected off of the magna-tiles. Luca, Camille and Graydon collaborated to create a tower. The friends began to add toy figurines to their tower. 

"This is the mommy. She works in the tower."- Camille

As their teachers this informs us that the children are drawing from their own lives to create their tower. They are aware that they live in NYC and are around big towers or buildings everyday. Many of the children understand that their parents work in buildings during the day. Graydon, Camille's and Luca's tower is one of the hundreds examples of how children incorporate the experiences and prior knowledge in their play. It allows them to access and make sense of the world around them. 

Continuing to paint with our fingers

Today more friends expressed the desire to finger paint. This week we are honing in on finger painting to give the children a different perspective of painting, that hasn't been explored yet in the classroom. Before this week,  we were experimenting with different ways to paint with recycled objects. Today we continued to explore painting with our fingers. 

We noticed that the children were taking their time to feel the paint between their fingers and to spread the paint entirely across the paper. They explored how their finger creates lines in the paint, as well as, the ability to create images. 

Literacy and hand eye coordination

Our friends gravitated towards manipulating plastina clay to outline specific letters of the alphabet. he goal is to make sure each dot is filled with a tiny piece of plastina clay. The children must follow along with each dot until the letter is completed. We noticed how each child was very focused and engaged in this specific activity. They were particularly proud of themselves when they accomplished the task all by themselves! :-)

Music with Mr. Evan

Today Mr. Evan engaged the children in interactive, musical story telling about a dragon. The children love dancing to Mr. Evan's songs. Afterwards he introduced a two wooden percussion instruments in the shape of frog and a turtle.