Happy Birthday, Luca!

Today our friend Luca celebrated his 3rd birthday in classroom 2B. Luca's parents brought in cake for the whole classroom and we made sure to sing happy birthday to him. :-)

Happy Chinese New Year!

Sven's mother, Charlie, came into classroom 2B to tell us about the Chinese New Year. Each child held a Chinese rattle, which is used to make music and celebrate the New Year. Then our friends made their own rattle, which they got to take home. Before Lin left she gave a special New years treat to give to the children. 

* Lin- Thank you so much for coming in and sharing a part of your families culture with us. We loved having you!


The children gravitated towards an alphabet book with big letters on each page. As a class we went through the book and discussed the words that begin with specific letters...

"E for Elle"- Elle

"J for jogging."- Hamish

Being able to identify the words that begin with specific letters, is progress toward spelling on their own. 

Dancing to classical music with fabric

The pieces of fabric were set out to any child that wanted to explore it. Suddenly a chorus of string instruments got louder and the children took the fabric and we began to dance with it. 

"It got higher!"- Graydon

"What got higher?"- Lindsie

"The music!"- Graydon

We noticed that the children began to embody the melody of the music with their body and fabric. 

French with Miss Florence

Miss Florence is on her way to France next weekend and she needed help packing her suitcase. Each of our friends got a chance to take an item of clothing out of the back pack. As a class we discussed the colors of each clothing and the item in the French language. 

Painting with water colors

Today the children worked creating long brush strokes to cover the entire paper. We noticed the children doing this organically on their own and we encouraged it during art time. We also noticed the children creating graphic representation with their paint and paint brush. They are drawing from their experiences and putting it on paper when they paint (draw, etc).