Art and literacy:

We have noticed that the children have been identifying letters and attempting to see what words begin with specific letters. Today each children received a wooden letter. They spread glue and placed shiny odds and ends to them. We will be mounting these letters on the wall. On the wall will be each child's name mounted with their wooden letter attached to it. Eventually each child will be able to take their letter home, when they have had a birthday. If your little one has already had one, they will be able to take them home soon. 

Self portraits for the month of February are almost finished. Based on the portraits from this month compared to last month, there has been progress. Each child has improved with manipulating a writing utensil to identify their physical features on paper. 

Music with Miss Isabella:

Miss Isabella had each child close their eyes and listen to a piece of classical music. When they heard an instrument that they knew, they were allowed to shout out the instrument. It was impressive to see how well the children knew their musical instruments. 

Gym time!

Our friends were expressing their love for each other today, by giving each other hugs! :-)

Morning meeting:

After our friends danced during our name game song, our puppet friend Wally decided to visit us! Wally enjoys fish to eat for his lunch, but will only eat the fish if the children tell him what color or number is on the fish. Today he wanted to know what number was on each fish. Our friends did a wonderful job identifying their numbers, while having fun with Wally.