Today our friends were very productive during art time. They had a few art stations to choose from. The first station each child was able to utilize a box as an easel. Paper was rolled onto the box, which created a four way easel for the children. More children had the freedom to paint on an easel at once. 

The second choice was to paint with black paint on saran wrap, on the light table. The light illuminating the black paint created a beautiful effect, when the children brushed paint on it. The children noticed the negative space between the brush strokes, which enticed them to paint more. 

The third choice was continuing to paint our collage of natural materials. We will be adding layers to these collages as the school year goes on. We feel it is important for the children to see that art is never finished. There is always something to be discovered. 

The fourth choice utilizing clear glue bottles to stick gems on our tree branch, which we painted yesterday. This allows the children to exercise the muscles in their hands to strengthen fine motor skills ( squeezing and pinching). 


Our friends have gravitated towards beading on a string. This takes patience and focus, which our friends are displaying. 

Super Soccer Stars

Morning meeting

Classroom 2B loves to sing and dance, especially when it's during morning meeting!

This semester we have gotten into the routine of playing group games, such as matching games and dice games. These games require taking turns, being patient, sharing and being a good team mate. The game that we played today is called " Roll and Play" (which you can purchase on amazon).  This game promotes social confidence, colors, counting, gross motor skills, following instructions and image/ word recognition. 

Each child rolls the dice and whatever color comes up is the color card they must pick up. They will have to do or say whatever is on the card. It has become a classroom hit! :-)