Classroom 2B was elated that it was snowing outside today! We decided to incorporate the snow during our gym time. The children wanted to make a snow man, so we decided to dress up like snow men with toilet paper. We created snowballs with toilet paper as well. 

French with Miss Florence

Today Miss Florence went over colors in the French language. Each child received a pom-pom and when their color was called out, they could put it in the basket. Colors such as green (vert), orange (Or-Ange) and red (rouge).

Adding another layer to our love of reading and performance

Today when our friends arrived to school, our forest provocation was on the rug. This time around different bears, new caves and a back drop of a forest was in the background. A speaker was placed on the side of the rug. When the children were ready to reenact the story, we started to the music to "We're Going on a Bear hunt." The children were thrilled to act out the story and they even added our recycled musical instruments to our story. 


Children learn how the world works around them, by experimenting with natural materials. Today for art our friends discovered a tree branch and expressed the desire to paint it. Our friends painted the tree branch silver and put gems all over the tree. They did a wonderful job and we will be hanging the tree in the classroom. 

Clay has many benefits for a young child: strengthening fine motor skills, creativity, math skills, etc. Today our friends were very focused on building with balls of clay and transforming clay into something else.