Forest Provocation

"We're Going on a Bear hunt," has been become a favorite book to read in classroom 2B. We decided to bring the story to life with a forest provocation. Materials included: small teddy bears, a big teddy bear, green furry rug, tree branches and blue magna-tiles (for water) and toy people figurines. As we read the book the children acted the story out with the materials on the table.

Dramatic Play

Young children gravitate towards dramatic play to reassess their past and current experiences, while imitating the adults around them. 

Spanish with Miss Debbie

Mr. Evan was out sick today, however we were thrilled to have Miss Debbie step in to do a Spanish class with 2B. Miss Debbie read a Dr. Seuss book to the class called " Tu Eres mi mama? ( Are you my mother?) She sang many interactive songs with our friends in the Spanish language, such as "Quien soy yo" (Who am I), "La pequena Arana" (The Itsy Bitsy Spider).

Painting to classical music

Throughout the school year, our friends have had the freedom to approach the art easel and paint. We thought it might be a good for our music research to have a group of children painting together, while a classical music plays on a speaker. 

We noticed that the children began to create the same shapes while they painted to the music, especially circles. Each children covered their paper in paint with long strokes. When the music was high in pitch they created long strokes and when the music was low/ dark in pitch, their strokes became more intense. The final products are quite beautiful!

We will continue to give each child a chance to do this in a small group.