Today our friends enjoyed utilizing paint brush and paint on aluminum. We noticed that the surface of the aluminum allowed them to make long brush strokes and they became intrigued with the negative space in between their brush strokes. This enhances a great eye for detail in a young mind! 

Our friends added to paint to their collage pieces, which were started a week or so ago. We will be adding more layers to this project in the future. So far they are coming along beautifully. 

Morning meeting

Today our friends noticed their faces all around the morning meeting mirror! Each child went to the picture of their face and told the class what emotion is on their face. 

Classroom 2B was very engaged in a new activity called " Roll and Play." This is an interactive  dice and card game, which allows our friends to exercise their emotions, counting body identification, actions, and animal sounds. Not only did they children have fun doing this, but also reviews sharing, listening to directions and taking turns. 

French with Miss Florence

Today Miss Florence read a book which reviewed counting in the French language. 

Gym time!

Growth with building

We have noticed that our friends have gone from building in one dimensional shapes to three dimensional towers. These towers have extended rooms and different angles. We look forward to seeing where they take this throughout the school year.


Dramatic Play

Today a few of our friends embarked on a picnic and this contagious to the rest of the class! Everyone got a hat and put it on before going to the park.