Welcome Miss Lauren!.....

Classroom 2B would like to welcome Miss Lauren! Miss Lauren will be a third teacher in our classroom and we are thrilled to have her.


Today when our friends arrived at school, they noticed pictures from their holiday break posted around the room. Not only did they enjoy seeing their friends and family, but they also enjoyed seeing what their friends did over break as well. During morning meeting our friends each stood in front of the class and showed us a photo from their holiday break. We are very proud of their ability to listen to each other and share in front of a group of people.

*Anyone who did not have a photo can always share anytime this week. If you haven't already, please email a picture of what your little one did over break.

Miss Florence shared with us what she took in her suitcase to France! She reviewed in the French language what each item of clothing is called. Some of items were: bathing suit (maillot de bain),  scarf (echarpe) and pants (pantalon).

We have a new writing station in classroom 2B as well! This station is allows the children to writing and draw with pencils, crayons and markers. They also can practice cutting with plastic scissors at this station, as well as, utilizing glue. This semester we are working towards strengthening the muscles in their hands, so they can continue to progress with utilizing a writing utensil.