Science and Sensory

Today our friends gravitated towards the water table, but instead of water inside the table, it was our water beads! The children enjoy these beads for many reasons: they bounce, they are squishy, and they have a shine to them. We discussed the difference between rough and smooth, as well as, color sorting. 

The children also noticed the hour glasses on the table. Instead of sand inside there is a gel- like substance in them. In one of them the gel moves slow. In the other hour glass, the gel moves very fast. Our friends enjoy watching the gel fall from the top and make their own creative observations. 

Morning meeting:

Our morning meeting attendance game has become a routine everyday. The attendance game allows our friends to take accountability for themselves, be present and exercises math skills.

Afterwards we were engaged in a color recognition game with fish. Every friend went fishing for a specific colored fish. We celebrated when each friend accomplished their turn. 

Super Soccer Stars

Forest provocation

Our favorite book has become "We are going on a Bear Hunt." Today while we read the book, we discussed what kinds of animals and plants do you see in the forest?

"Dinosaurs."- Luke

"Flowers."- Elle

"Bears."- Graydon

After Super Soccer Stars, the children entered the room and one of the tables was turned into a forrest! We added green, leafy paper with branches, teddy bears, dinosaurs and pine cones. The children began to tell us the stories they were creating during their play.