Happy Birthday, Valdi!

Today Valdi's family came to classroom 2B to celebrate his 3rd birthday. Our friends enjoyed the Batman book, that Valdi's dad read to us and the yummy cake that Valdi's mother shared with us.

French with Miss Florence

Today Miss Florence sang interactive songs, in the French language. These songs reviewed animals: pig (cochon), dog (chien), cow (cache), etc.


Small group story telling

Based on the direction of our music research, it is clear to us that 2B loves performing stories, alongside with music. Today we began working in small groups with the children. The groups that they are in now will be the groups that they will stay in for the rest of the year. Each small group will work together to create their own story. We will develop characters and work towards combining it with music. 

Our first group of children worked together to create a story about Lukie the lion!

Morning meeting

Today our friends enjoyed dancing when their name is called during our name game song. Since it was Valdi's birthday, he got to pick out a small gift out of the Birthday Box. When our friends in classroom 2B have a birthday, they get to pick out a small gift from Miss Debbie and I.