Music with Miss Isabella

Today Miss Isabella created a harp with classroom 2B. This was created from a shoe box, rubber bans, pencils. The goal was to dive further into recycled instruments and how we can create music with them.

We will be diving more into creating our own instruments, just like this one,  very soon!

Clay: A muti- teaching tool

Today the children were greeted by different clay pieces laying on the table. Clay pieces were pre-made into cylindrical snakes and snails. The goal of this provocation was to see how each child would approach the material, what goals they will set our for themselves and what strategies they will use to accomplish it.

It turns out that the children who gravitated towards the clay, did various things with it.....

Graydon tore the pieces of clay into tiny pieces, with the intent of counting each piece.

Elizabeth manipulated the clay into a bowl and ripped ome of it into tiny pieces. She engaged her prior experiences and made nice breakfast for Miss Lindsie :-) ....

"I'm making oatmeal... have some!"

Some children seemed to enjoy the pure sensory experience of clay... ripping, rolling, etc. By doing so, the children continue to strengthen the muscles in their hands, which will enhance fine motor skills.

With this being said, we not only discovered how the children approached this material, but it solidified that clay is a material that integrates math, creativity, sensory play, fine motor skills  (and beyond).