Classroom 2B was very excited to celebrate Ava's 3rd birthday, with her Grandma Roxanne! Grandma Roxanne brought in homemade cupcakes for everyone in the class.

Also during morning meeting the birthday girl, got to pick out a small toy from the "Happy Birthday Box. " When every child in classroom 2B has a birthday, he or she gets to pick out a special toy from the box.

*Special thank you to Vivienne and her mother, Adriann, for bringing in shared snack! Everyone loved the "yogis!" (Yogurt) :-)

Combining literacy into our developmental growth...

Lately, classroom 2B has been very interested in fairy tales, especially ones with the big bad wolf in it. Yesterday we read "The Three Little Pigs," and the children loved it! Today we brought the story to life by creating a provocation on the table. When the children arrived for the school day a tiny scene was created for each pig... one house made of sticks (popsicle sticks), one house made of straw ( yellow straws) and one house made of brick ( red lego blocks). We gave the children play dough (as a sensory experience) to utilize and manipulate while they looked at the scenery. We also had a wolf puppet for any child to embody the wolf character.

We discovered the children wanted to add to the scenery to enhance it or change the pigs into something else by using the play dough.

" I want to change this pig... he needs to be a wolf."- Ava

"I'm going to make this house strong... with more play dough."- Graydon

Many children were fascinated with the yellow straws and discovered that they can connect together to create a three dimensional house.

Music with Mr. Evan

Today Mr. Evan brought his friend Shoobie to classroom 2B. Shoobie is a tiny troll that wont go to sleep. The children help Shoobie go to sleep by exhausting her with dancing! :-)

Gym time!

Matching activity

Today some of our friends were very interested in a matching game that was put out on the table during center time. As an educator I enjoy engaging the children in these activities, because it focuses on a couple of things: active listening, taking turns, following directions and visual discrimination. The children were very successful with this game and they began cheering for their friends when they got a match :-)

Wednesday, January 18th