Morning meeting: Emotions continued..

As a class we looked at pictures of children creating different emotions. Instinctively, the children began shouting out the emotion that best fits the picture. Then we asked them....

"Why do you think  he/ she feeling sad (happy, surprised, etc)."

Then children began to make connections with an emotion and what could make someone feel a certain way.

" She is scared, because someone was going to jump... jump on her."- Luke

" Angry... someone knocked over his tower."- Kian

"Happy... because she saw her mommy."- Elizabeth

"Sad.... she misses her mommy."- Ava

"Happy... because she likes ice cream."- Camille


French with Miss Florence:

Today Miss Florence took us on a journey to the super market! As she unloaded her grocery cart, she introduced some fruits, veggies, (etc) in the French language. For example: Strawberry (fraise), pineapple (ananas), potato (pomme de terre) and bread (pan).

Gym time!


Today our friend enjoyed utilizing green and liquid water color on water color paper. This time around we introduced how to change colors with our paint brush. Our friends are getting into the practice of dipping their paint brush in water when they are finished with one color and want to move on to the next. We are continue to utilize the writing center, especially for practicing with cutting with scissors.