Music with Miss Isabella:

Today Miss Isabella reviewed what happened during our Philharmonic Trip and was able to discover what resonated with each child. Afterwards through a Subway story book, we experimented with pitch and matching pitches, with a xylophone keys. This can be difficult task to do; However the children are really progressing with matching pitch. Bravo!

Dramatic Play:

Our friends imaginations were soaring today! I, especially, noticed how they were really engaging with each other to tell a story in first person.

Gym time:

Science and Sensory:

Our friends gravitated toward the water table today. We decided to mix two worlds with the water table: sensory play and dramatic play provocations. We added baby dolls, soap, small bath towels and tiny cups to the water table. Naturally, the children embodied the parental role while caring for the baby dolls. Each child made sure their baby doll was clean and ready for bed time.

We also noticed the children experimenting weight distribution between the cups and the absorbtion of water with the towels.