Art projects:

Today our friends dove right into two art projects: painting with tempra sticks and collaging.

As we observed their work in progress we noticed that the children are beginning to have purposeful drawing. For example- Ava told us that she was drawing the letter B. If you look at her drawing below, you will notice the letter B can be seen a couple of times in her drawing. Kian was very excited to tell us that he was drawing a smiley face. If you look at his drawing below, you can see he drew a perfect circle, with lines in it/ around it to represent a smile, eye, arms etc.

Our friends enjoyed collaging with different materials such wooden pieces, fabrics and beads. We have noticed growth from the beginning of the year. In September it is quite natural for a child to use glue like paint. Squeeze the glue until there is a sea of glue everywhere. Today, it was much more purposeful. We are now progressing utilizing glue has a way to enhance their art work. They carefully placed materials on glue and moved on to seek other materials to glue on the card board.

Music with Mr. Evan:

As you all know, Classroom 2B loves Mr. Evan :-) Mr. Evan took requests for songs to sing to such as Old McDonald and twinkle, twinkle. Then he told the class many interactive, musical stories.

Our many emotions:

During morning meeting we continue to discuss emotion. As a class we embodied different types of emotions- happy, sad, angry, tired, scared, etc. We reviewed the book that we read yesterday, which connects situations that may occur that gives us a specific emotion, such as " I am angry, because my friend knocked down my tower." Our goal is for the children to understand their feelings, identify it and understand why they feel specific way.