Clay and literacy:

Classroom 2B gravitated towards clay and utilizing plastic letters today. Many of them enjoyed discovering the letters that they saw:

        "L for Lukie!"- Luke

           "G for Graydon!"- Graydon

           "E is for Elle!"- Elle

       "V is for Vivi!"- Vivienne

We have also noticed that the children are noticing similar letters in their own names and in their friends names. For example- Luke noticed that Elle has two L's in her name and he is just one.

Others were very focused on utilizing the plastic letters to push into the clay, which allows the muscles in their hands to be strengthen.

Super Soccer Stars

Morning meeting:

                    What makes us feel happy, sad, angry, etc?

Throughout this age range, our friends are discovering how to self regulate and distinguish different types of emotions they are feeling. During morning meeting our friends physically embodied different emotions such as happy, sad, scared, angry, sleepy. We then read a book, which have characters in it who are feeling a specific emotion.  The characters gavespecific  reasons as to why they are feeling that way. This allowed our friends to see that there are certain things that occur, that will make us feel a certain way. For example, "I feel sad when my friend knocks down my tower. " This allows them to not only explain how they are feeling verbally, but to makes sense of their own feelings. 

" No matter what emotion you are feeling, it is okay!

Just has long has you express it in a good/ healthy way!"

Our many emotions... :-)