Dear families,

Debbie and I are thrilled to have all of you be apart of classroom 2B. The blog is here for you to see, not only what they are doing during the school day, but what we are working on specifically as a class. Our yearly intent is music, so you  will be seeing a lot of focus on this throughout the year.  The first couple of weeks of school we will be getting to know each child (i.e. what they like, dislike, what they gravitate to, etc.). After gathering this information we will begin to embark on a journey that will encompass their common interests and our yearly intent of music.

Please send the blog to aunts, uncles and grandparents. Classroom 2B is not only a place of growth and learning, but it is a community of families as well. All are welcome.

We look forward to a year of growth, laughs and curiosity! 


Lindsie and Debbie