The holidays is celebrated in many ways. Today our friends discovered the holiday Hanukkah. During morning meeting we read a book called "The Hanukkah Mice." This book explained the specific ways Hanukkah is celebrated, such as with dreidels, chocolate gelt and menorahs. We discussed that Hanukkah is celebrated for 8 nights and each night a candle on a menorah is lit. We decided to create our own menorah out of sticks and a tissue box! While we painted the menorah, we discovered the holiday colors are blue and silver (just like the colors for Christmas is red and green). The children did a beautiful job and the menorah is now on display in our classroom. 

The children always enjoy when Miss Isabella comes into classroom 2B for music on Fridays. Today she read an interactive book called "Tubby the Tuba." Tubby the tuba is sad, because he can only make low pitches - "Ooom-pah." He wishes he could be like the string instruments and make high and low pitches. After the book Miss Isabella gave the children musical instruments and they marched around the classroom saying "OOOOM-PAH!" This was not only enjoyable for them, but it allowed them to embody high and low pitch, as well as, rhythm. 

Our friends continue to dive into puzzles. Today we put out puzzles that challenge our friends and they are beginning to catch on quickly. When they sit down with a puzzle, each child is focused and use their problem solving skills to accomplish a task. We look forward to adding new puzzles to our classroom, which encourage their focus and problem solving skills. 

The children enjoyed creating silly faces and monsters with play dough. They created these faces with google eyes and shapes as well.