On Thursdays one of the highlights of our day is seeing Mr. Evan for music class. As you can see from the pictures below, they have a lot of fun and enjoy learning from the musical stories that he tells. Today Mr. Evan went over the concept of big vs. small, by using guitars. He then encouraged the children to point out more differences between both the guitars. The children made the observation that the color and the amount of strings on the guitar were different. Afterwards, he told the children a story about Coney Island. I think their favorite part was pretending they were on a rollercoaster. :0)

For art we continue to create holiday cards for the charity "God's Love We Deliver." These holiday cards will go to men and women suffering from major illnesses. We decided the team work art project went so well last week, that we should create our holiday cards in the same format.

The children practiced their colors and counting with a pom pom activity on the table. The goal was to count how many "ice cream scoops" they could stack on top of their ice cream cone. When they placed the ice cream scoops on top, they used tweezers. This added another challenge while they strengthened the muscles in their hands.

** Thank you to Sven and his mother (Lin) for bringing in the lovely fruit and snap peas for shared snack! Yum!