Today Kian and Elizabeth brought their mom, Carmela, into classroom 2B. Carmela shared with the class they celebrate the holidays by decorating their Christmas tress. Then we made candy cane ornaments together. We were very impressed how well each child beaded the beads onto the pipe cleaner. Afterwards, we enjoyed reading "Pete the cat saves Christmas."

Thank you so much for sharing with us, Carmela! :-)

During morning meeting we had a special guest from Classroom 2A- Hamish! As a class we introduced our puppet friend to him named Wally. Wally is a polar bear that loves fish, but he needs to know what color you are feeding him before hand. It is our friend's job to tell Wally the color of the fish they are giving him.

uring French class, Miss Florence brought back our puppet friend "Nanu." Nanu helps our friends learn parts of the body in the French language.



Monday, December 5th 2016

oday our friends enjoy diving into clay, which strengthens the muscles in their hands. While being engaged with the clay, we also began our holiday card project with " God's Love We Deliver."

Upon entering the classroom, our friends discovered a huge block of ice in the water table. Our toy polar bears were trapped! Our friends used toy hammers to chip away at the ice until they were freed. This also was great lesson on how ice melts.

Our friend Sven is back from Singapore! We are thrilled that he is back in classroom 2B.