Today Luca's mom, Tina, came to visit classroom 2B! She shared with us the story of Santa Claus and his reindeer. This was perfect timing, since Santa is coming to visit Buckle My Shoe today! Then we decorated cookies and had a nice snack together ( pretzels and hummus). 

* Thank you so much for coming in and sharing with us Tina! Come back anytime :-)

Miss Florence engaged the children in a festive activity as well. Each child had to decorate Miss Florence's Christmas tree (Sapin de Noel). Each chose from a small (petit) or big (gros) pom pom ball. Then each child decorated the tree. This was not only fun for them, but they were learning key terms in the French language (big vs. small, holiday terms, colors). 

Classroom 2B is so excited for the holiday party tonight! We continued to create decorations for the classroom during our art time. 

See you all tonight!