During the past month or so, the children have missed our friend Sven! You can ask any of our friends and they will tell you that he is visiting family in Singapore! Today we discovered that classroom 2B has received a post card from Sven, all the way from Singapore! We shared it with the children during morning and they wanted to tell Sven how much they missed him!

Miss Isabella engaged our friend's bodies by experimenting with high and low pitches. I think their favorite part during their time with her, was when she allowed them to the xylophone (with removable keys) to experiment with how different pitches sound.

During center time, our friends enjoyed participating ina color recognition activity with teddy bears. Each teddy bear is a different color and the children's goal was to make sure each bear is matched with the correct color cup.

During art time the children utilized water color crayons on paper. After they colored their paper, they used water and paint brush to give the paper a water color paint effect. We began our December self portraits as well. Debbie and I both notice how their self portraits have grown since September. All of the children understand that their face is made up of shapes, such as circles. Now they are all beginning to translate on paper.