Today our friends dove right into classical music, which inspires us to paint. Debbie and I observed that while the music was on the children's focus increased. With every stroke of the paint brush, the children utilized the music by embodying the music through their paint brush. We also noticed that the children are making purposeful choices with their art work as well. For example- Elle decided to divide her painting up into three sections, based on color. The children also enjoyed utilizing metallic paint bottles and squeezing the paint on a black cork board. Each child made choices on the direction the paint goes in.

Classroom 2B always enjoys the songs and stories Miss Florence tells during French class. Today Miss Florence also introduced a holiday matching game to our friends, in the French language. The children were given squares with images on it. Each child had to match their image to another image. Some of these images were: Santa Claus (Pere Noel), mistle toe (du gui) and Christmas tree (arbre de Noel).

The children also enjoyed making holiday wreathes during free play. This project was created with paper plates, clear glue and tissue paper. Not only was this fun for the children, their was also a purpose to it. Throughout this project the children were enhancing their fine motor skills. Each child manipulated the tissue paper to create a small tiny ball and then carefully place it on the plate. The more the children's muscles in their hands are strengthened, the more they will be able to become more independent doing small tasks. Bravo, Classroom 2B!