Our friends are always ready for Super Soccer Stars! Coach Zack physically engaged our friends, while they built snowmen with soccer balls and cones. After they built them they individually kicked the snowmen down and into the soccer net.

In honor of the holiday season, classroom 2B is working on a secret holiday gift for our classroom 2B parents. We have been working on this together all week and we look forward to giving this to you! Stay tuned! :-)

Today we dove back into our music exploration. The children have a great interest in performing for each other, which aligns beautifully with our music research. During morning meeting, everyone created a circle on the rug. The children understand that if they are in a circle, that means that they are the audience. If a friend is inside the circle, then that person is the performer. Each child was given the choice to sing or dance in the center of the circle. Today all of our friends chose to dance! When they chose to dance, they chose another friend to accompany them on a musical instrument. This way while they dance, their friend can play a rhythm for them. If they were to chose to sing, then they would take a stick and sing into it as a microphone. We have discovered that musical performance has increased each child's social and emotional confidence.

Friendly reminders:

- The holiday party is next Tuesday, December 20th! :-)

All are welcome.

- If your child is attending the party, this will be a potluck style party. Please sign up to bring a dish (i.e. entrée, dessert or beverage).  If it's easier for you to email me and tell me what you are bringing, then that's completely okay. I'm happy to sign you up.

- If you haven't already, please send a small, wrapped gift to school. Remember- it's a secret! :-)This will be the gift your little one will open from Santa.