Today we had an eventful day! Upon entering the classroom our friends noticed a snow- like substance in the water table. It looked like snow! This gave them a creative and fun sensory experience.

Our friends did an excellent job walking in the neighborhood, to buy our classroom Christmas tree. The children got to see the different shapes and size of the trees that were for sale, on the corner where NY Law school is. When we got back to the classroom they were ready to decorate it! they voluntarily decided to take small toys and manipulatives to place on the tree. They came up with this all on their own! Debbie and I loved the purposeful choices that they made independently.

Graydon's mother, Lisa, came to visit our classroom today. She explained to our class that during the holiday her family loves to have treats! We made chocolate covered pretzel sticks, while she read us a Christmas book.

* Lisa thank you so much for coming in and sharing with us! It was yummy! :-)