During morning meeting we discussed the changing season, specifically what happens to our outdoor environment during winter.

"Snow!"- Graydon

"Cold!"- Luke

We also discussed how night time comes a lot quicker now.

"Its dark!"- Camille

Then we read a book called "Snow," by Uri Shulevitz. It is about a little boy who notices his town changing as the snow falls. In the spirit of snow, we decided to create a winter's night on canvas. Masking tape was taped onto canvas, while the children paint it black. When these canvases dry, we will peel off the tape, which will reveal trees during a winters evening.

Miss Florence introduced terms for animals in the French language through booked called "Zoo!" Monkey (singe), dog (chien), elephant (l'elephant).

Our friend Hamish joined us to today as well!

Our friends continue to love puzzles. Today we introduced a new puzzle to them, with huge puzzle pieces. This allow them to see the image of the puzzle easier and gives them an added challenge with the big puzzle pieces.