Today our friends began an interesting and fun art project. The children already have a love for art and they have already accomplished so many art projects on their own. We thought it would be a fun task for the children to work together with a partner to create one art piece together. Inside a tray was a piece of water color paper and different textures balls. Each child took a turn picking the color they wanted. When this was squirted on the paper each child took an end of the tray and rocked it back and fourth. This movement created different textures in the paint. 

Classroom 2B loves Mr. Evan! Today Mr. Evan sang about his friend Shooby, who is a troll. Through music Mr. Evan told the children a story about how Shooby did not want to go to sleep. The children told Shooby to fall asleep.

During morning meeting our friends were introduced to a different kind of instrument called the Rattle Drum. This particular rattle drum was made in Africa. Each child practiced sharing with their friend, while experimenting with the instrument. 

International Pot Luck at Buckle My Shoe

November 30th 2016