Today our friends had Super Soccer Stars with Coach Zack. The children's imaginations were engaged while working on their foot work with a soccer ball. Each child flipped over "cupcakes" ( soccer cones) and cupcake toppings (soccer balls). Then each child worked on making goals through the soccer nets.

We completed a collaborative sponge art piece today. We noticed how well the children manipulated the sponges to mix the paint together beautifully.

The children also continued our salt paintings with clear glue, salt and water color. Many of the children observed how the lines of water color and glue crystalized together.

During morning meeting we were very excited to show the children that we have our very own meditation bowl. Not only is this used for meditational purposes, but it allows the children experience and hear legato (long) pitches. It also allows them to experiment with how to make staccato (short)pitches as well. We will be using this instrument throughout our music research this year.