Natural materials allow children to discover the world around them and make connections with it. Today our friends were detectives! We explored branches, leaves and flowers, which were incapsulated in wooden blocks. The children seemed focused on taking a good look at what was inside each block. As you can see from their comments under the pictures, the connections that they made were very strong. They are engaging their prior knowledge and connecting with what is in front of them. 

We have observed how much the children have a great interest in performing for each other, which lines up beautifully with our music research! As you know, we have been studying music through found objects, such as tin cans. We have recorded audio of the children playing these new found instruments. During morning meeting we asked the children what do they hear on the recordings and if they could replicate the sound on the audio. Then we asked our friends who would like to dance or sing. We utilized our found objects as instruments while our friends danced and sang. We noticed how much our friend's social confidence increased during this moment. Every child wanted to sing, dance and play an instrument while a friend performed. 

Miss Isabella inspired our friends to embody animals while listening to music. Fast music the children became tigers and slow music they became turtles.