Today our friends had a great interest in drawing animals with great detail. Through guidance and drawing shapes the children were very proud of their work. The children also continued to paint on the art easel to classical music. We observed how the children embody the music through the paint brush and paint. As you can see from the pictures below, you notice when the music was fast or slow based on how they manipulated their paint brush ( zig zags and circles).

Coach Zack got our friends on their feet while engaging their imagination. Their goal was take the paint brush (the soccer ball), dip it into paint (colorful dots) and paint the house (the cones). When they were done they had to put the paint brush in the water bowl (the goal).

Wally came back to morning meeting! The friends enjoyed telling Wally what color their fish was before feeding it to him. Our friends also enjoyed a book called "Christmas Lights." We discussed how classroom 2B will be going outside to pick our Christmas tree very soon.

* Please don't forget to sign up for a day to come in and show us how you celebrate the holidays :-) We would love to have you come in.