Today our friends dove right into painting with feathers! This allowed them to paint with a different perspective rather than using a paint brush. Also it is a different sensory experience of manipulating a clothes pin with feathers attached to it. The feathers are much lighter than a paint brush. As you can see from the picture below the children were able to create beautiful lines across the canvas.

Our friends LOVE Mr. Evan. When he stepped into our classroom, the children all cheered for him. He appreciated to be given such a grand entrance by the children :-) He introduced a meditation bowl, which creates different pitches when struck.

During morning meeting our friends took guesses as to what was under Miss Lindsie's blanket.

"A Baby?"- Elle

"A tiger!"- Valdi

"A car."- Kian

They discovered a new puppet friend was hiding underneath the blanket! Polly is a parrot who loves to sing and dance. The children seemed to really enjoy having this puppet during morning meeting and it gave them confidence to sing by themselves.

* A special thank you to Kian, Elizabeth and Carmela for making such yummy Banana bread for the classroom. It was yummy! :-)