Today our friends took cut up pieces from a previous collaborative art piece and created a new collage with the materials. After the cork board was filled with the glue and collage pieces, we noticed how their work created a 2 dimensional effect. This piece will be hanging up in the classroom soon.

* In honor of the holiday our friends created their very own turkeys by tracing their own hands and glue feathers to the fingers.

During morning meeting we had a special guest: Vivienne's daddy! Our friends were very engaged in the attendance game by counting how many friends are at school and how many are at home. Afterwards they enjoyed a freeze dance game with scarves.

Coach Zack had our friend's imagination soaring while engaging them kinesthetically. The children used cones called "Spaceships." Then their goal was to take the soccer balls with no hands and knock the space ships over. Debbie and I noticed how agile each child was during this game!