Miss Debbie returned to Classroom 2B and we missed her! Secretly, our friends wanted to make something to give to her. Today during morning meeting our friends gave Miss Debbie a beautiful water color painting that they all worked on for her. At the end of morning meeting, the children stood up and said "We love Miss Debbie!"

During art time, the children painting on a large, clear tray. This tray was placed on top of the light table. The light table illuminated the paint on the tray. This also gave them a different perspective of painting and a sensory experience with that paint. Many of the children chose to make circles or go back and fourth with their paint brushes.

Also- the children enjoyed manipulating plastina clay, which allowed that to strengthen the muscles in their hands. We noticed that the children enjoyed utilizing colorful sticks to create pictures.

During French, our friends created their own Turkey's (dinde) out of their hands. Miss Florence assisted them as they traced their hands with either yellow (jaune), brown (marron) or orange (oRange) markers.

** Every child will be sent home with a Thanksgiving candle holder, which they made! Please feel free to use it during your Thanksgiving dinner.

** Special thank you to Vivienne and her Grandmother who made beautiful holiday cookies for classroom 2B.


What are you THANKFUL for?......

*This month we spoke about what it means to be thankful. We explained to the children that being thankful means that you are so happy that a person, place or thing is apart of your life. Today we asked them this question again and this is what they said........