Our friends dove right into the water table, which was dyed with blue food coloring! Our friends noticed right away how blue it was. Inside the water table were specific animals that one would see in the water, but specifically in cold water. We noticed that our friends also were engaged in experimenting with weight distribution with the cups of water.

For the past week our friends have experiment with painting on a rough surface. This week we are experimenting with painting on smooth surfaces. Today our friends painted on colorful cellophane (light gels). After they dry we will also be experimenting how light shines through them on the light table as well.

During French class, Miss Florence introduced an animal activity to the children. This activity  taught them names of specific animals in the French language. Dog (chien), Rabbit (lapin) and bird (oiseau).

During morning meeting our friends enjoyed playing a color game as a class. Each child threw a bean bag on colorful squares. Whichever square the bean bag lands on, our friends shouted out the color of the square.