There is something new in Classroom 2B! As you know our classroom has been studying sound and "what makes music?" Today the children discovered recycled and found objects hanging from the wall. By exploring the materials, the children discovered that the tin lids can make sound. We also observed the children experimenting with loud and soft sounds without guidance from the teachers. Each week we will be adding ways to make sound around our classroom.

Along with experimenting with sound, we have observed our friends making beautiful choices while they paint on the easel to classical music. We notice when the music is loud or fast they manipulate the brush to go in a circular motion. When the music low in pitch, they create lines on the paper with their paint brush. We will be continuing to go more in depth on how classical music influences young children's art work.

During morning meeting our friends were introduced to the "Good Deeds Jar." Any time our friends do or say something exceptional, they receive a pom -pom to put in the good deeds jar. Ways to earn a pom- pom could be sharing with a friend without being asked, using their words and not their body, great listening skills, or a personal milestone for that pertains to a particular child. When the "Good Deeds Jar," is filled completely the children will receive a pizza party! We will be reviewing a discussing this during tomorrow's morning meeting as well.

All of our friends received a pom- pom to put in the jar, because of the excellent listening skills they had during today's practice fire drill. Good job Classroom 2B!