Today our friends organically gravitated towards the found object instruments. They reviewed high and low pitches and even requested wanted "Little Red Riding Hood" read to them. 

During morning meeting we discovered a new type of instrument: Paper! This type of paper creates a loud thunderous noise. The children's face lit up and they all wanted to experiment with it. We will continue to discover and experiment with new ways to create instruments. 

We also were engaged in a nice math lesson during our attendance game. Each morning we count how many friends are at BMS and how many friends are home. 

**Miss Ty (from classroom 2A) subbed for Miss Debbie today. Miss Ty is a talented photographer and she took some really wonderful pictures of the children. 

Miss Isabella caught our friends attention when she introduced a xylophone with removable keys. Our friends discovered the difference in the sound of pitches through striking the keys on the instrument.